Intimate Wedding Esperanza Resort Cabo

Intimate Cabo weddings are my favorite, not only because is just a moment for the bride and the groom that day, but because they do pay special attention to their partner and no one else, for me intimate weddings are a great beginning of a life time together.

Ann and Earl were high school sweethearts they were together during her internship in the US and they fell in love since but after she left it was hard to keep up, specially because it was only through letters that they were able to keep in touch. They both went on separately, years passed and destiny played its part, it was more than clear they were meant to be together.

In a hot Fall day in Cabo at Esperanza Auberge Resort they said I do with the ocean and the breeze as witness.

Thank you to the following team that made this day very special:

Esperanza Hotel - Wedding Coordinator: Kylene Valle

Minister: Marco Arechiga

Legal Ceremony: Ederlinda Garcia

Flowers: Cabo Flowers

Guitar: Dj Mijares

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