Julieta, Looking through this album made me feel like I was instantly back at this day. The best day of my life. You are so talented, and I love every single photo you have captured and shared. I am so happy that we found you to be our wedding photographer, you and your assistant do wonderful work and work so well together! I am obsessed with the drone footage as well. I appreciate you more than you know and I can't wait to keep reliving this day through these photos. Thank you so so very much.

Thank you for everything. I really mean it when I say, you are the best of the best! 

xx Sincerely, 


Dear Julieta,

I cannot begin to express my true excitement in seeing my wedding photos! You captured our day perfectly, from getting ready, to special moments with our bridal party and parents, and of course dancing in the extreme heat. When I close my eyes and picture the day, it is the exact same image that comes across in your photos. Because of you, we have beautifully unique wedding photos that will transcend time and always bring us back to that special day. You were extremely easy to work with and a true joy to be around. I would recommend you to anyone and everyone who is looking for a wedding photographer in Cabo! 

- Christina Cartwright

Julieta! they are all amazing, I scanned through them and it made my day! Love getting to re-live every moment and see so many moments that I was unable to see and enjoy at the wedding. 

We love all of your work so so much, we are so lucky to have found you as our photographer and videographer! We have already had compliments out of our ears on how amazing all of your work is. We appreciate the time you put into everything, ESPECIALLY these two videos to document how special our wedding day was. It was amazing to get to watch the whole day back and re-live all of the emotions and happiness, since that day flew by so quickly! It will be so great to share these videos with our children one day.
So again, thank you from the bottom of my heart! 

- Alexis and Jason

Julieta!!!!! I don't even know what to say. WOW! When I first looked at these I cried. It was like I was reliving the whole night. The photos are so candid, you caught moments I didn't even know Marcus or I were having. . 

The video is absolutely perfect! I cried the whole way through. We love it and could not be happier. Thank you, thank you. 

The wedding pictures and the video are a testament to how truly talented you are. I'm so thankful I chose you :) Thank you so much,

- Nicole and Marcus

Hi Julieta!

I got the pics, I absolutely loveee them! :) Thank you so, so much!

I think they all turned out fantastic and I can't wait to print them off! Everyone who has seen them thinks that you did amazing work :) 

Thank you! 

- Kayla & Isac